Why pick me?

13 Reasons Why You Should Hire Me


Oh, hello! I’m Lusiana. There is no relationship without knowing about our partners. As well as from clients to agencies, it also occurs from employers to employees. Here, I want to show you a cliched listing article, so you can know me more personal.


1. I was born in Padang. Like everyone else, for attending college I did “merantau” to capital city to pursue my dream career. Now, I’m graduated and not being taken yet.



2. Adventure began when I was at my puberty age, sixteen. I entered Journalism Club and get hired into School Magazine “DB Flame”. In the short period of time, I had to be the Chief in both parties. Oh, my principal also assigned me to be the Chief of making Yearbook. Yeah, I am a social-preneur since ages. It was voluntary works.



3. Although have experiences in Journalism and Media activities, I believe in building humanity through Arts & Designs. And, so I was majoring in Visual Communication Design. I’m passionate about communicating ideas through creativity. As for Hard-skills, I’m capable on any Adobe platforms.



4. I’m eager to learn anything. For fulfilling my passion, I’m not just studying in class and then go back home. But, I was registering into any opportunities, taking a part of any organizations that suitable with my objectives.



5. I have strong editing skills. When I found mistakes, I just can’t sit quietly and watching them being publicized. As I know the mistakes, I would polish them and there shouldn’t be any mistakes. As following it, I had assigned to be Editor-in-Chief of Masterpiece Magazine, a visual creative magazine.



6. When I set a goal, then I have to achieve it no matter what. There is no impossible. It has to be a way out of the problem.



7. I have experiences in managing teams, developing brand engagement, creating marketing strategies, approaching clients, and doing campaigns. I have also produced copy for everything in variety segments.



8. I’m capable on keeping my responsibilities and doing something exceed expectations. I will not stop thinking about any other possibilities we could achieve together with society.



9. I have an adaptable attitude. There is no boundaries about sharing ideas with juniors or seniors. Even though people are saying I have such a “baby-face”, they are keep telling me that I have professionally mature attitude.



10. I’m an optimistic, social observer, and dedicated person. A critical thinker too. – Like Einstein said.



11. In every aspect, working as a team has a positive meaning. Throughout my entire life until today, there are always times when people tell their story and ask for my advice, then I share my ideas and they give responses.



12. As well as being passionate about writing, designing, organizing, and fundraising, I also enjoy go travelling by public transportation and then do a little brainstorming while watching my surroundings, making stories in my head.



13. I have faith in advertising. For me, we can make people’s lives more beautiful through our client’s product. By telling it beautifully, advertising has become a power to achieve humanity in people’s lives. And, it has to be in a good way.


Want to know more? Take a glimpse on LinkedIn or my CV.


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