Video Post-Production : Webinar “Surya University”

Have you ever hear a term “webinar”?

So, this is a feature where you can learn the subject via internet. There is a sound of professors explaining that subject while the screen either stay-still picture or those professors.

I made several videos for post-production. I didn’t make the entire video. Footage of materials came from professors Surya University.

The post-production thing is to combine the picture and the sound altogether into one piece. So, in the end, I did editing for this project.

But, I’m sorry. I can’t show you those ten or more videos for you because they are confidential.

One thing for you to know, while I edited those videos, somehow I accidentally followed the subject and discussions. So, more knowledges for me. Yay!

webinar1.copyright.lusiana webinar2.copyright.lusiana