Typography : Kaluak Paku Typeface

Padang. Indonesia.

I came from Padang, West Sumatra Province in Indonesia.
I can give 10++ reasons for you to love Padang and West Sumatra.

Beside the “panorama” and super yummy foods, Padang is a city which has rich cultures.
“Minangkabau”. The people behind the cultures.

There is one philosophy beyond “patterns” on pillar, fabric, or anything else.
One of them called “Kaluak Paku”.
I expressed the spirit of “Kaluak Paku” by making it into typeface.

Here it is. The process of making the “Kaluak Paku” typeface.


I developed the process into a manual book, as you can see it.


First, I searched the essence of “Kaluak Paku” and take it for granted to make a typeface.



Copyright: Lusiana Udjaja

Mock-up: graphicburger

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It is not hard for you to tell me, right? 🙂