Manual : Expressive

An artists has a sense of art, they said.

If you mapped those artists, they have various careers. Whether they are designers, street artists, sculptor, or even musicians. In general, everyone calls all of them as an artist.

But, no matter what your profession are, as long as you are an artist, you have that sense.

Then, I combined my expressions. Anything related to sound into a picture.

First. Think about a piano fell off from eleventh floor to first. What sound would be lingering in our ears? For me, it would be “Bang! Bum! Daar!”. Yeah, something crashed there.

I illustrated my feelings into drawing and here it was. Every lines had their own meaning. It described the “Bang!” and the other one “Bum!”. Like that.

Then, your turn. What sound would be describing a picture of “love”? 😛

expressive. copyright.lusiana