Logo: Blood Donation

This is an identity campaign, held on May 2012. This campaign was a part of Rencang, social organization. There is nothing powerful than having a live. By this campaign and event, they want people aware about their power of helping. They had to know their blood means lives for someone out there.

A dog figure represented the organization logo. They believes the power of helping is an easy one for people to give. And, a dog is considered as human’s friend very often. Do you know? That “Rencang” is Java language. In English, it means “friend”.

The concept.
One drop of your blood is a starter for having a healthy life for someone. I used that logic and made it become the main role of this concept. You know cardiograph, right? The machine projects heart rate with up-down lines as the output. That one I put on the logo to symbolize meaning of life from a drop of blood.

Blood donation

Copyright: Lusiana Udjaja

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It is not hard for you to tell me, right? 🙂