Hello again, world!

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Yeah, I know. I know.

It was really a long time ago since I didn’t update anything here.

So sorry about that. I’d become so “blank” once I got home. Don’t blame my home. And actually, it’s not a house, right now I am renting a room for my studies here which is very far from my house.

Back to topic, don’t blame my room. It was me. Me and my final project. More than six months, I’ve trapped on theories, researches, ideas, and designs. But, I had a fun. Getting to know about people, children, and everything that I didn’t know before.

And, voila!
Here I am!
As Bachelor of Design.
In Indonesia, it will be S.Sn. (Sarjana Seni).
Thank you for everyone I love! Thank you for your supports and so much loves for me!

Now I’m still running for my dreams! Because one achievement means asset for bringing a dream to reality!

me and my final project


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